UNBROKEN 2022 - Have you got what it takes?

Unbroken is here again, bigger and greater than ever and this year we’ve planned to take things even higher. This year we are taking the competition to Lahti, Finland, which is also known as the sports capital of Finland. Together with Nordic Fitness Expo we plan to bring you the best competition there is in Finland


Unbroken is one of the Finland’s biggest CrossFit competition that started already in 2014. Ever since then, it has been a mission to create a competition that challenges athletes with various surprising events that require quick adaptation and determination. To mention a few special events from previous years, in 2019 athletes completed a sprint triathlon at the Helsinki Swimming Stadium, in 2020 we defied corona, and held an online competition that had three different divisions in it: Endurance, Strength and our main CrossFit division. There have even been years when the athletes have skied and had events inspired by the activities that fire rescuers do. So, everything and anything is possible in Unbroken, and we promise that this year will be no exception to that.

Unbroken and its team has always taken great pride and importance in organising the competition in a way that serves all of the people involved, whether it being our athletes, judges, spectators or sponsors in the best way possible. That’s why we felt that, by being an official CrossFit Licensed event, we can deliver that with even more precision. This also ensures that the competition is going to be a spectacle that you really don’t want to miss!

This year's competition is divided into a qualifier held during 6th.- 15th. of August and finals that are on the 7th ‘till 9th of October.



As mentioned before, Unbroken really offers everything that can be imagined. There are many reasons why you should sign up for the qualifier. Unbroken is known to be a competition that has the best atmosphere in Finland, and this year the big Lahti Fair and Expo arena together with Nordic Fitness Expo, will make sure that is true. Our competition gear is also always the best you can get, as Unbroken is the only competition in Finland that Rogue Fitness sponsors. So you can be sure that you will get the best of the best gear to perform with.

Unbroken is also known for its great prizes and we’ll make sure that that is the case also this year. In the past the prizes have consisted of top tier sponsorship deals, smartwatches and other great product prizes. And we promise that this year there will be something if not as good, but maybe even better to win.


There are many ways to find your way to Finland. One of the easiest ways is by aeroplane that lands at Helsinki-Vantaa airport. From there you can continue the trip towards Lahti by renting a car, or hopping onto a bus or a train.

You can also come by a ferry, depending if you are arriving from Sweden or Estonia. Ferries from Estonia arrive at Helsinki harbour and ferries from Stockholm arrive either to Helsinki or Turku, depending on which you choose. From both places you can continue your trip easily by car or public transportation.

Accommodation in Lahti is possible in many different places, as there are multiple hotels, hostels and Airbnb. Later on there will also be a possibility to reserve a hotel room from a specified hotel with a reference code given by us.

In Lahti the easiest way to move around is either by local public transportation, a car or rentable bikes.

“The whole event is special. The workouts are pure CrossFit and very well balanced. You always have a combination of metcon, gymnastics and weightlifting skills!” - Ivan Casals Rosa, Unbroken competitor since 2018


You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, to stay on top of different news and posts concerning the competition. You can also find more information about the competition, qualifier, accommodation and travelling on our website: unbroken.fi

We hope to see you in the qualifiers and at the finals in October. And remember: Attitude is everything!

Best regards,

Jukkis Peltonen

tel. +358 (0)40 838 2806

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